Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday - Hats for Hope and Cheek Cheers


This Friday, our school will be participating in Hats for Hope in honor of one of our own Tattnall 8th graders, Abby Wilson.  Abby was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer.  We are raising money for the Jay's Hope Foundation by paying $1 to wear hats to school this Friday!  This is such a worthy cause and we hope everyone will be able to participate!


 Also on Friday, the cheerleaders will be out in the morning carpool line to sell Cheek Cheers for $1.  If your child would like to get one, we will help  put them on in the classroom when they come in.  These are a lot like a tattoo sticker.  The children absolutely love wearing these and they are a great way to show our school spirit!  If at all possible, we would love for all of our Pre-K students to get one of these to keep our hearts happy!  :)  Thanks so much!