Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ms. F has Funny Feet!

This week Ms. F has come to visit and we have learned a song and dance about Ms. F's funny feet! Our theme for the week is Fire Safety.  We have been learning lots of songs and reading books about firemen, fire trucks, and fire safety.  One song we learned is about smoke detectors.  I asked the children to go home and find out where the smoke detector is in their house.  You may hear them talking about the school fire drill we had last week.  It was an exciting event in the life our Pre-K when that alarm went off!!!  We want them to learn what to do in case of a fire and for all the children to understand that firemen are our friends!
Here is a link to one of the songs we have learned this week  Letter F song
It is a Fabulously Funky Fun Ff song!!!